Swimsuit Trends For The Summer

Summer is approaching fast, with summer comes beaches, pool parties, water balloon fights (might sound childish but its a fun way to keep cool in the summer heat), slip and slides, etc. So you need to start shopping for some cute swimsuits to wear to these fun events. But where do you begin with swimsuit shopping? The trends are always changing so what type should you buy? I will be letting you know what swimsuit trends are out for Summer 2019. Here are the 2019 swimsuit trends:

One trend that will be starting swimsuit season is the color yellow.It makes sense too seeing as yellow looks good when you have that summer tan glow from spending your days at the beach. It’s also a color that can look good on almost all skin tones.

The next trend is an Environmentally friendly one, sustainable swimwear. This trend has been on the rise through 2018 and going into 2019. More swim labels are going the sustainable route and now you can look good and help out the environment in the process.


Photo taken from Asos

Photo taken from Asos

It’s no surprise that leopard print swimwear is on this list. Leopard print is a classic look that has been around throughout the decades. It’s one that never goes out of style, and if it does, it always manages to come back into style. Go on down and get yourself a leopard print swimsuit and be the center of attention.

Another attention grabbing trend in style this summer is metallic. This sleek look can make you look ahead of your time. It’s a style to grab the attention of anybody you want. If you are someone who wants to catch the eye of a certain person this is probably the look for you.

No matter what trends are in just know you wear whatever you feel comfortable with. You rock whatever makes you feel like you are a star so trend or no trend just go out there and have fun.