Subtle Ways To Be Sexy

Let’s be real, we’re all attracted to people and when we really like someone we want them to want to have sex with us. So we naturally (sometimes reluctantly and even subconsciously) try to amp up our sex appeal. Here are some subtle ways to incorporate more sexy into your night.

Show off your neck

I’m all about dressing however you want to and I’m so #FreetheNipple – like for sure - but I find the neck of a woman to be very sexy. In some ways, I think, it’s even sexier than cleavage. It leaves cleavage to the imagination. Like wow they’re practically naked but really I’m only seeing their neck and shoulders. So put on that choker or wear that off the shoulder top.

Dress how you’re comfortable

Do you ever see some hot girl dressed super cute but it’s freezing out and you almost forget that she looks cute because all you’re thinking is, “Wow, she must be cold.” Dressing how you’re comfortable makes you appear sexy. When you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, all you look is uncomfortable. So whatever mood you’re in, sweatshirt or stilettos, dress how you want and people will notice you.

Bite your lip

Maybe I’ve watched “Clueless” too many times but biting or licking your lips softly is a great move in my opinion. I feel like it makes you look cute and coy. It also gives you something to do. It’s almost like a having a prop! This goes for straws in drinks too. It’s a pretty simple and even superficial move but I mean I use it!

Sharing is caring!

You know what I find incredibly sexy? Someone who really listens to me! I think it’s incredibly sexy to be vulnerable with someone and actually have a dynamic conversation. When you share something personal about yourself and in turn someone shares their perspective with you, you gain their respect and peak their interest.

Confidence is sexy

This is like the most important tip on how to be sexy! Actually own yourself. When you have opinions and aren’t embarrassed by what you know and what interests you, then congratulations, you are inherently sexy!