Spring Is Around The Corner! Get That New Spring Wardrobe

It’s March and I know we’re all dreaming about our newest spring purchases. But how do we up our spring up our wardrobe without breaking the bank? Well, I’ve been brainstorming ideas of how to achieve my spring look while watching my wallet.

Purchase small pieces

Don’t go overboard by spending your whole paycheck on one new item. But instead buy a bunch of little accessories and pieces that can go with everything. Like an adorable hat from Urban Outfitters, a bag from Pop & Suki, or pair of colored jeans that go with everything.

Get yourself a pair of white sneakers

Photo taken from Google

Photo taken from Google

Once you find a great pair of white sneakers, you can rest easy because you have found your go-to spring/summer shoe. White sneakers, I think can literally go with all of your outfits. They are a great investment that won’t fall a part and will carry you all season.

Shop vintage

Sometimes you want a ton of new pieces but don’t want to spend $50 on a top at Topshop. Totally get it. Don’t forget to shop your local thrift stores! I know some might get a little pricey but there are always good deals; you just have to sift through. And it’s a great way to find pieces that stand out – ones you know no one else will have.

Price compare!

I know I sound like a mom but if you’re looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans (and you know we all are this season), price compare at different stores. Find the best deal you can get if you’re splurging on an expensive item like a great pair of jeans.

What pieces are you into this spring? Let's us know in the comment section.