Spice Goes Full On White Face, But Why?

TMZ reports that Love & Hip Hop star, Spice, is feeling the pressure of the music industry about her "look." For her new music promo Spice goes full white face... or so it seems.

On a clip for Love & Hip Hop Miami, its appears Spice is really starting to question her "look". Her doubts send her into a doctor’s office where she thinks about potentially bleaching her skin. The doctor even recommends that Spice seek a psychological evaluation before committing to any bleaching.

Spice does come out publicly to say she has not actually bleached her skin and that it is in fact just make-up. The goal of the picture is to raise awareness of colorism among black people. Spice took the photo as part of the rollout for her new mixtape, "Black Hypocrisy" It is crazy that we are expected to look a certain because of the industry we work in. The beauty of humanity is our differences, how they make us unique and special.