Spending Time Alone Isn't Always A Bad Thing

With the winter season getting colder and colder by the day, the more and more I don’t want to leave my home. Now that the hectic holiday season has finally come to an end, I find myself with more free time to spend alone. Let’s be real, January is a long month and everyone is both physically and financially spent from the toll of Christmas and New Years. So I always find I’m a bit antisocial in January. And I’m going to say that is totally okay if you just want to retreat and center yourself after celebrating the New Year. It is a new year after all and I would like to enter it rested, balanced, and the best I can.

But it can beneficial to change that perspective. Use the time alone and without distractions to really try to get some work done that is important to you. Take that time to organize parts of your life that are cluttered. Whether that is organizing your room, mapping out your schedule, or even meditation.

These are great productive activities that won’t leave you feeling guilty. In fact, maximizing what you do with this time alone in the winter months, will prepare you more with what’s coming up. You’ll be more organized, prepared, and confident.


Photo taken from Pinterest

Photo taken from Pinterest

Some people fear alone time due to fear of lack of productivity but many people I know experience the guilt of lack of social contact. That restlessness you get when you feel that you’re expected to be social. That you need to entertain; that you need to be seen. And friends and family are important but trust me, you do not need to be around people all of the time. You need time recoup and the winter is the time to take it.

So I wish you inner peace, productivity, and creativity in your moments of quiet you will spend alone this winter. We often don’t get time to ourselves and I hope you savor it.