Speak Up And Use Your Voice #MeToo #TimesUp

In this political climate and in light of the #MeToo and Time’s Up Movements, women are no longer staying silent. But it may feel counterproductive to speak up if you feel like no one is listening. Here are some small ways you can use your voice to make a difference in every day life.

Take to Twitter


Okay, guys, so this one is a given. And probably the easiest way to communicate what you believe. Tweet about your political views, causes you support, and endorse opinions and perspectives you agree with by a simple retweet.

Add to your Content

I know we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes these days or offend anyone but don’t suppress what you believe in order to make someone else a little bit more comfortable. If you don’t express what you believe, you’ll never know how much your content could impact someone. You could change someone’s mind or give someone the confidence to speak up for themselves. We have the Internet, use it to your advantage. Start a blog, write meaningful instagram captions, or boldly share an opinion in a facebook status.


As working millennials, we sometimes don’t have all the free time that all of the Baby Boomers assume we have. Speaking up could look like supporting a cause that is close to you by making a monetary donation to a political candidate you support or a monthly donation of $15 to Planned Parenthood.


Up .gif

No extra funds after paying rent? I totally get it. Instead of spending money, spend time. Volunteer at a charity organization near you that helps the neighborhood, kids, or a cause that you are passionate about. Speaking up is one thing but I challenge you to take another step forward and make change as well.

Not to get all spiritual but, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. And that starts with speaking up and acting out.