Social Media and Your Mental Health

I know for my nervous, anxious 25% of the time self, social media can sometimes really bog me down. There are times when scrolling through instagram and editing the perfect picture my friend took of me on that rooftop bar, is basically self-care and actually relaxes me. But other times it can really damage my mental health. If you are anything like me and are itching for a healthier, more positive way to utilize social media, scan these helpful practices. I abide by them myself.

Know when to take a break

I can’t stress this enough. When I’m feeling anxious, even the littlest thing can trigger me. A photo of the guy I like with another girl, an overwhelming amount of DMs - these are instances that can affect me negatively and I’m aware of that. And when I already feel fragile, I respect my emotional state and take a break. Three days off the grid feels great. I come back way more balanced, present, and appreciative.

Gif taken from Pinterest

Gif taken from Pinterest

Follow accounts that inspire you

Social media (at least now) is not all about stalking everyone you know. By all means keep up with friends but as long as you have access to the “world wide” web, you might as well take advantage. Flood your feed with accounts that bring you joy. For instance, my instagram feed is full of lingerie, poetry, books, and astrology. I used to compare my content to acquaintances but now my feed is full of things that make me happy. 

Ask for recommendations

I know we all live on our phones now but, hey, we also live in the real world. Use your social media to actually improve your life. Need new music? Looking for a place with really good Indian food? Ready to book a vacation? Ask your friends and followers. Social media doesn’t have to be all about likes; it can be about creating a dialogue as well. It’s “social”, isn’t it? Engage with people and discover some great places and ideas in the process.

Support a cause

Use your social media accounts for some good. If there’s a cause you support, share it! Your content doesn’t have to be all about you. Share artists you like (and tag them!), your friend’s gofundme pages, and charities and organizations that need our help and support. It feels good to help!