Smaller Portions For A Better Body

Yikes you and your friends and your went a bit overboard! You all went out for pizza, hamburgers and fries and those enormous pasta dishes! You also had yourself some junk food Oreos, Doritos and Cheetos! Lets not forget the late night munchies of midnight cereal bowls overflowing!

Photo taken from Pinterest 

Photo taken from Pinterest 

We all been there! We can aid to this overeating problem with just a few simple tricks! Feel free to indulge once in awhile, but while doing so you can measure the amount of food you consume and still feel satisfied without the bloating later.

First off, girl get to the mart and buy some measuring cups! Measuring cups are super helpful when looking at your portion control. For example, if you crave oatmeal with milk, it might be beneficial to measure out the oats. A typical serving size of oats are about ½ a cup. We all know that it is easy to “overflow” our bowls with the grainy goodness.

Yes! The Caramel Iced Coffee in the dairy section is on sale! You buy it and bring it home. Stop and grab a measuring cup! Those pre-made coffees are loaded with calories and sugar. Without measuring you could be taking in an extremely high calorie drink before you even had breakfast!

Now lets get some measuring spoons in your silverware drawer. If you don’t read nutrition labels, maybe it might be time to start. A lot of serving sizes, typically in a jar, are most likely 1-2 tablespoons. Ever make a peanut butter and jelly, or a bologna and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise in the middle? Some peanut butter brands have about 190 calories with 16 grams of fat, and that is just in 2 tablespoons! It is so easy to go overboard when spreading the extra nutty peanut butter on the bread, but measuringout the tablespoons will be beneficial.

If you don’t have any measuring cups or spoons of any sort, I suggest going to the store to buy some! Just make sure you are sharing with great appreciation!