Skin Sun Safety

With summer approaching, I know everyone is excited for BBQs, pool days, beach days or just hanging around with friends and family. One thing I know a lot of people love to do during the summer time is get tanned. But with the sun being harsh on skin and skin cancer being a thing to be careful about the one thing you need to do all summer, actually all year round, is use sunscreen.

I say all year round because even though it doesn’t feel as harsh as during summer time, the sun is always there. Not using sunscreen can also make you age faster too, and nobody wants to look older than they really are. I know I don’t. Even with makeup you can use sunscreen as a base or primer under your makeup. I know a lot of people are going to be like, “But I don’t tan if I wear sunscreen.” Well let me tell you something, that isn’t true.

Sunscreen only protects your skin from the damage that the sun can produce, you can still get tanned while using sunscreen. And wouldn’t you want to be protected from the sun even if it meant risking a tan? I know I would. There are different forms of sunscreen nowadays too. You don’t have to wear that really thick sunscreen that would never blend in anymore. 

Most cream formulated sunscreens can be easily blended into the skin and so you don’t have to walk around looking like a clown or a ghost. Sunscreen even comes in spray form now. Although I advise not using the spray sunscreen for your face because it will dry out your skin. And if you have sensitive skin like me the spray sunscreen will not feel nice on your face. Whatever form of sunscreen you choose it doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what you can to protect your skin.