Shade? Nicki May Have Dissed Drake In “Hard White” Video

Nicki Minaj’s “Hard White” video dropped Friday and the fans are already depicting some major shade thrown at Drake. Can it be true? Perhaps the easiest thing to miss (blink and you won’t see it) was a visual of a scorpion in pieces. Was that shade Nicki?

Nicki raps, “Got these b**ches shook, they shocked, no stun gun” and there’s a Scoripion visiable in the background. Hmm, what could this mean? Well, twitter felt the shade and it felt was definitely toward drake. 

“Just killed another career, it’s mild day. #hardwhite #endeddrake” one fan tweeted. 

“Finish him,” another fan wrote, with a clip of the moment.  

However, it is unclear that if Nicki is actually dissing Drake or not. Whatever, the case may be we are here for the tea! 

Nicki seemed to also throw shade at the Grammy’s. Nicki definitely dropped Queen during the eligibility period but was snubbed by the Grammy’s. I would definitely throw some shade too, girl!! 

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