Sephora Closing Its Doors On June 5th

On Wednesday June 5th, Sephora stores across the country will be closing their doors for an important reason. The brand will be its new platform and tagline, "We Belong to Something Beautiful," to continue its commitment to inclusivity with their clients and employees.

Photo taken from AdWeek

Photo taken from AdWeek

They are launching their new platform via a new manifesto, along with new visual representation that was created by John Ohni Lisle. The new manifesto expresses their commitment to standing together and embracing other’s differences. So, on June 5th they will take an hour to close down all aspects of the company--stores, call centers, distribution centers--to host a company-wide inclusivity workshop.

The company’s goal in the workshop is to start a dialogue with its employees about what inclusivity means and how to find ways to implement training for inclusivity going into the future. While this may put a stop to your makeup shopping plans for a little bit it is all for a good cause. This platform comes at a divisive time in our country. A time where beauty has no labels. And that you should celebrate what makes you, you--doesn’t matter what your age is, your gender or race.

This comes at a time where it is more accepting for anyone to wear makeup regardless who they are. Which is a beautiful thing. It’s awesome that Sephora is going to these lengths to show that they are accepting of anyone and everyone. Will others be accepting of the changes that Sephora is implementing? I think so. We are at a time where we can be and do whatever we feel is right for ourselves.