Secrets Of New York Fashion Week From Makeup Artist Neil Scibelli

New York Fashion Week is just a few days away! The best artists in the fashion industry will be premiering their Spring 2018 women's collections. Designers, makeup artist, models and other members of the fashion industry spend all year preparing for this one event. One can only speculate what goes on behind the scenes to put on such a lavish show. Makeup artist Neil Scibelli spills the beans to PopSugar on what it's actually like to work as a makeup artist for New York Fashion Week. 

They only have ten minutes to create each look

"In reality, they [makeup artists] learn the makeup look right before the show. We usually have about 10 minutes to complete it on each model. Each designer will have a "key" or lead artist design the makeup look initially, then they will demonstrate it that day to the extended makeup artist team." 
Photo taken from The Beauty Bridge Connoisseur

Photo taken from The Beauty Bridge Connoisseur

All hands on deck

"It is imperative to be flexible with your space backstage because before you know it, there can multiple people working on your model at the same time — hair, nails, stylist — all while you’re on makeup." 

Less is more

"I’ve never worked with a designer or creative team during fashion week who didn’t specifically say they wanted clean, natural skin. There’s a real focus on keeping skin natural and glowing, rather than cakey or too covered." 

Everything can be used for anything

"Fashion shows feature tons of beauty looks were the key artist has decided to use lipsticks on cheeks and even eyes."

No Drama here, please!  

"There are countless incidents where team members will not get rehired by beauty brands or the designer’s team if they are being unprofessional or if there is drama!" 

Last minutes changes are bound to happen 

"I was keying a show a few seasons ago where the designer decided moments before the show that most of the models were going to wear sunglasses and that the lip should now be the focus." 

Respect your sponsors

"I’ve seen relationships go sour due to makeup artists bringing other products to set. A makeup artist’s station will most likely get photographed by media, and if a beauty brand is sponsoring a show (and cutting the checks), it’s not in anyone’s best interest to bring another brand! (unless directed)" 

Be careful on the toes you step on today, they may be connected to the ass you will kiss tomorrow

"After just one of my first fashion week jobs, I found out later on that I was working alongside celebrity stylists who dressed Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway, and the lead artist was Beyonce’s main makeup squeeze. So, it’s always about putting your best foot forward, because you never know where these relationships will take you."