Secrets Behind Sleeping With Your Bra On

Has anyone told you that wearing a bra to bed is okay? Maybe they mentioned that it would keep your breast perky or on the contrary make them saggy. These are both just myths. Over in the United Kingdom says the truth is sleeping with a bra is unlikely to have any real effect on the size or shape of your breast.

The people at Cosmo asked for help from Dr. Seth Rankin to answer the question: Will sleeping with a bra impacts the shape and/or size of your breast? Dr. Rankin, the founder of London Doctors Clinic, reminds us that sagging “is an inevitable fact of life for women as they age.” Over time your body’s connective tissue loses its elasticity and begins to sag. This happens all over your body but it is a natural process and it happens to the best of us.

Long story short, sleeping in a bra will not have much effect on the natural process of sagging. However, Dr. Rankin warns us of the dangers of wearing a bra to sleep. Wearing a bra for some many hours can cause impressions that can lead to long-term indents to the breast tissue. Taking your bra off at nights allows this tissue to recover, breath, and bounce back. Permanent tissue damage is not the only thing to be worried about. All the muscles, vessels, lymph nodes and nerves around your breast are affected. When you are asleep the pressure of your bra can restrict blood supply to these very important surrounding areas. 

In some cases, doctors do recommend special patients to sleep with a bra. It can be helpful to new mommy’s who breastfeed, patients recovering from breast surgery, or those with very tender breast. Even with that said they are never wired or pushup bras. Next time, you go to bed just pop your bra off, your body will thank you. And if you feel like you need some support during bedtime then opt for a sport or t-shirt bra.