Scott Disick And Khloe Kardashian Pull A Prank On Kris Jenner

In the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian proved that they are the ultimate tag team when it comes to pranks.

They teamed up to get Kris back for “art shaming” Khloe and if you haven’t seen the prank yet, do yourself a favor and check out the clip below. You’re in for a good laugh.

After Kris gave Khloe a hard time about not knowing anything art related, they devised a plan to introduce Kris to a fake up-and-coming artist by the name “Art Vandelay.”

"Your name is art and you're in an art gallery?" Kris asked when she met him. "And you're an artist and your name is art? This is amazing!"

But the prank didn’t stop there. Scott and Khloe made finger paintings, which they had framed and then pretended that Art Vandelay sent them for Kris after meeting her. Kris was so delighted to receive the paintings, said they were beautiful and couldn’t wait to hang them up in her home and call Art Vandelay and thank him.

Kim, Kris’s boyfriend Corey and the rest of the family joined in on the prank, pretending to have heard all about “Art Vandelay.” Kris liked the paintings so much, that they decided not to tell her anything just yet and as of last episode, she still has no idea that the whole thing was a joke.