Riverdale Should Be Your New Fall Show! We Have The Reasons Why!

Guys, life has been hard. The news is terrifying and even though I love “The Handmaid’s Tale”, it just feels too real sometimes. Honestly my favorite show this season is “Riverdale” on the CW.

It’s the second season but you can catch up on Netflix. This show fulfills the perfect amount of escapism I need. The show is inspired by the Archie comics we all used to read in the papers with our parents when we were little. So you have Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Josie and the Pussycats, and others. I know you might be thinking the characters are stereotypical (which I mean they are tropes) but the characters set in a slightly spooky contemporary setting is fantastic. I mean, personally, I’m such a Betty but you can find little bits of yourself in multiple characters.


The show is also aesthetically beautiful. If there are Gossip Girl lovers out there, I’m sure you remember the spectacular wardrobe the girls (and guys) had. Riverdale totally accomplishes a similar aesthetic. The wardrobe is designed perfectly for each character showcasing their style and personality. It’s honestly eye candy. Also the wide shots are so beautiful. Spooky snow and foggy, still lakes. The color crimson is used for pops of color for both character wardrobes and in the landscape shots.

Riverdale follows the characters trying to crack the case of a series of mysterious deaths in their unassuming cookie cutter town. The show is narrated by Jughead played by none other than, Cole Sprouse. Can I ask you a question? Have you seen Cole Sprouse these days? If you’re a 90s baby, watching Cody all grown up is satisfying AF. And for the 80s babies, Luke Perry is a regular and Molly Ringwald is a recurring character.

Though the show is set in present day it has some comic book elements, like vibrant colors, exaggerated character reactions, and a little bit of a 1950s storybook charm. The society of Riverdale functions on a plane where the kids take responsibility and the adults act out. It’s a very interesting dynamic to watch.

I hope you all decide to give 'Riverdale' a try. Perfect show for escapism and the aesthetically pleasing nature of the cinematography will keep you engaged. You won’t even want to check your phone unless, of course, to tweet about the show. 

betty and veronica.gif