Remy Ma Has A Message For Men's Rights Activists

While fresh off the heels of a one-sided rap beef between herself and raptress Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma dropped a freestyle that any feminist would be proud of. Last week the MC visited and dropped a freestyle to empower all the ladies. She spoke about women breaking the glass ceiling, gender pay gap and all kinds of women's issue. 

Since it is Women's History Month, this feminist rap came at a perfect time. Remy starts her freestyle asking if men's rights activist really exists. The answer is yes they do! Many people think the men's activist movement is a direct backlash to feminism. According to Wikipedia,

"Men's rights activists contest claims by feminists that men have greater power, privilege or advantage than women and many argue that modern feminism has gone too far and greater attention should be placed on men's rights."

 Remy Ma had a very important message for men's activists and that is,

"Until you have a period, bear children, or get a pay cut, you are just emotional cry baby mad men that just needs to shut the fuck up."
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Remy Ma is a badass chick who stands up for herself and what she believes in. Her freestyle for MarieClarie clearly shuts down male haters, reminds us of all the things we still need to work on and reminded us of one thing we need to aim for, 

"Don't tell me that lie about glass ceilings not being true, 'cause Hillary already cracked it, next time we're breaking through."

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