Reasons to Love Your Work Friends

Every friendship is different but there is something to be said about the friends you meet at your job. There’s a special kind of bond you make with someone when you are forced to spend 8 hours / 5 days a week with them Here are some reasons why you should love and appreciate your work friends.

They See You at Your Worst
These are the people who see you running into the office late, before you had your first cup of coffee, before you B-line it to the bathroom to put your makeup on, coming into work in the same clothes you left in yesterday. They see you in all of your forms of hot mess and you still get along.

They Are Emotional Support


I’m not sure whether we all have Stockholm Syndrome at our place of employment or we’re all super bored but if you are ever upset with anything in the office, your work friends are always there. Ready to shepherd us into the bathroom, to go out for a quick Insomnia cookie, or just a good ol’ vent sesh about your supervisor.

They Are Your Cheerleaders
As well as being there for the bad times, work friends are always there for your successes as well. They are your team and when you succeed they succeed. Whether it’s the position of your cubicles or the shared resentment over the weak coffee in the office that bonds you, work friends will be there to celebrate and congratulate. 

They Are the Best Drinking Buddies

There are few things better than having a solid group of friends to happy hour with at least two out of the five workdays. You’re on the same schedule and have the same people to talk shit about. The bartender knows you and reminiscing the next day at work keeps you alive. 

Don’t take your work friends for granted. They get you through a lot of shit sometimes. The friendship may have formed in the office but it doesn’t need to only exist there. In my experience, some of my work friends have transitioned to some of my best.