Quick Tips On Reading Your Birth Chart

I’m just your average millennial girl who has just a bit of an astrology obsession, and by that I mean I’m actually studying as much as I can along with reading my daily horoscope (and weekly and monthly). But as I’m studying, many of my friends have been asking me to interpret their birth chart. And I’m not a professional astrologist by any means, but I can provide you some tips to remember when reviewing your birth chart with your friends.

First off, what you’ll need to find all your placements is your birth day, birth year, the EXACT time of your birth, and the city or town you were born in. Now, if you don’t have a friend who’s a professional astrologist that can do your natal chart or don’t want to spend the money to get it done, I suggest going to a site like:  https://cafeastrology.com/ - which will map out all of your placements in an organized chart. Which looks like this:

Hey, guys, look it’s my chart, my Virgo and Leo dominated chart!

Let’s just to do an overview of the main placements, the ones that are the easiest to grasp but can give you the foundation of your chart and simple but accurate insights.

Your sun sign is the sign you check when you check your horoscope. When people ask you what your sign is, you tell them your sun sign. Your sun sign is where the sun was at the exact time of your birth. It represents your outward personality traits. Traits, quirks, behaviors that you and other people see.

Your moon sign represents your emotional life. Your moon sign is your instincts and how you feel emotionally. It is who you feel like you are inside from a very intimate and emotional place. Your sun is how you act but your moon is how you feel. You can feel free to read your horoscope for your moon sign as well.

Your ascendant or rising sign (names are interchangeable) represents how people see you. How you appear to other people. For instance, you may be a Pisces sun but a Capricorn ascendant – which would mean that you may be a creative, sensitive individual but you may come off a little cold and calculating.

Your Mercury is how you communicate. This means the way you speak, write, your body language, and even the way you send an email.

Your Venus is how you love. Specifically revolving around the areas of romance and friendship. It also indicates what types of things and interests you love. It can show how you love and what you need in terms of a romantic relationship.

And good old, Mars rules sex and aggression! So that’s how you fight, if you run towards conflict or away from it, how you are in bed, and your temper and anger.

Something important and helpful that I always tell people when I interpret their chart is that all your placements work together. You could have a dominant sign, for sure (like Virgo and Leo for me), but that doesn’t mean that you are solely one sign. For example, your Mars may be in Aries but your Venus is in Cancer. Which can mean that you may be very aggressive and dominant in bed (your Aries in Mars) but very sensitive and intimate in the way you fall in love and act within a relationship (Venus in Cancer). Your Cancer may calm down your Aries.

It’s also important to remember that astrology isn’t magic and doesn’t predict the future. It’s a tool that can be used for self-reflection and introspection. It’s an excuse to be present and actively think about our place in the world and how we treat ourselves and the people around us. Check your chart and dive inward, ladies. xoxox