Queen Elizabeth Has Been Wearing the Same Nail Polish Since 1989 and Why is it Her Favorite

Queen Elizabeth has always been known for her specific fashion senses. The hats, the dresses, the gloves and even the pearls. It makes sense that she is particular about her nail polish color.

Apparently, the Queen wears a shade of pink from the Essie collection. She uses the “Ballet Slippers” nail polish. It does make sense that she would wear this color all the time and not get tired of it since it does compliment every outfit she wears. For instance, her wearing her usual bright outfits. They are also subtle enough to stay under her white gloves.

Photo taken from dantri.com

Photo taken from dantri.com

According to the Essie website, Queen Elizabeth has been a big fan of pink nail polish even before 1989. Her hairdresser would send letters to Essie to get more bottles for the Queen because it is “the only color her majesty would wear.”

Another reason why it makes sense for the Queen to label the nail polish as her favorite is because its conventionality. Wearing a shade that matches her skin tone perfectly, is just asking for her style to be patterned.

A bottle costs €7.99. We can only imagine how many bottles the queen has in her closet. This has been her shade for 30 years and not have changed since then. We’re all sure that Essie feel especially honored to be her favorite.