Protein Is Important For A Healthy Lifestyle

Protein is needed in the body in order to function properly. Including protein in our diets is extremely important, especially if we are trying to slim down for bikini season! Protein is the building blocks of our muscles. After a workout it is extremely important to fuel your muscles with some protein! Let’s put that glazed donut down and grab a lean piece of protein! Your overly worked gluten won’t look cut with that sugary fatty snack!

There are so many protein choices that we can eat, but we must be careful when selecting! Steak for example is an excellent source of protein! Steak cooked well done would be most beneficial, eating read meat is extra fatty and high in cholesterol which is dangerous for our heart. Some of thebest choices include eggs, chicken cutlets, white fish, salmon, shrimp, beans, legumes, tofu and quinoa.

Vegetarian? No problem! Luckily not all high protein foods are derived from animals! Some vegetarian options include beans, tofu, tempeh, and quinoa, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. Today, they even have pasta high in protein! All these examples taste great when incorporated with salad, or even slapped between a sandwich! For a high protein snack or breakfast, opt for greek yogurt or cottage cheese, topped with some berries and granola!

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Ever think about maybe incorporating a protein powder, or shake in your daily regimen? Protein powder is an excellent meal replacement and post workout snack to have! Protein powder is a smart way to curb your cravings and create fun meals with! You can go classic , throwing some in the bender with water, or milk, but if you want to be creative add some healthy additions! Some examples include a banana , frozenberries, nut butters, avocados and if you want to be green, add that spinach! Protein shake recipes are endless and a lot of fun to generate on your own!  Not the shake type of gal? Say no more! Incorporate a half to a full scoop of protein powder to some oatmeal, or cereal! For an extra high protein dessert, mix a scoop with some water in a mug, and pop it in the microwave! The watery consistency will turn into a fluffy cake top just after 30 seconds!