Protecting Your Face And Maintaining Your Beat

As people flock to music festivals all over the country such as Coachella, The Governors Ball, Made in America and Something In The Water having your make up last all day long as you jam to the favorite artist is struggle for all of us. From finding your perfect primer to SPF foundation, here’s a guide to smudge free make up that will last all day rain or shine.

First let’s talk about protecting our skin, as much as we all love looking flawless, having a skin foundation can make or break your entire look. Yes, I know our mothers warned us all about sun damage and we have all been scarred from the thick white pasty sunscreen she would smear on us when we were younger, but have no fear sunscreen has been upgraded over the years.

Instead of the thick paste and white residue left over, nowadays sunscreen comes in many different forms such as serums, creams, gels, powders and oils. The key to protecting your skin and having your make up last all day is picking a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of at least 30 and waterproof. This combination allows your skin to be the most protected and sweat proof as you sing along to your favorite artist in the beaming sun.

Second let’s discuss multipurpose make up, such as a bronzer that can also be used as an eyeshadow or a lip balm that can be used as a blush. Investing in multipurpose items not only saves you space in your purse but also allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

Lastly having all waterproof products from your sunscreen as previously mentioned to mascara, having a waterproof regimen will help make your transition from front row to the stage to the pool or beach seamless. Being that most of these music festivals are outside and will persevere whether rain or shine, having waterproof products will keep your beat on point and selfie ready.