Out With The Old, In With The New! Ways To Free Up Your Space

If you’re anything like me, I hate throwing things away. I find sentimental value in small, insignificant things. Like I’ll get emotional over a receipt. Like oh my gosh that was the receipt for the first poetry book I ever bought. I can’t throw that out, it has the date. I wish I wasn’t serious. And even though I enjoy being organized, it takes a lot for me to get there. So after the most recent sweep of my place, here are some tips to free up space.

Go through old papers

The amount of drawer space I freed up by just going through old papers was incredible. I had receipts saved from like 2014. Maybe I needed them for my records in 2014 but I sure as hell don’t need them now. Also I’m the only millennial who hasn’t gone paperless, so it’s my job to shred old bank statements. This stuff is tedious and it takes time, but it will definitely free up some drawer space.

Go through shelves that you already think are organized

Yes, that shelf is organized. You are 100% sure you organized that a year and a half ago. Yes, it looks neat and tidy but do you really know what’s stacked in there? Go through and re-organize! If there are things you don’t use regularly but don’t want to throw out, maybe rotate them out for things you do use regularly.

Go through your shoes

It hurts to me throw out clothes. And I can’t tell you to purge things you don’t wear because I know I won’t. But shoes I’m a little less attached to. Also, I rarely wear clothes until they’re falling apart but shoes you can really wear down. And you can’t just fold up shoes in a space bag. So take a good hard look at your shoes. You’ll probably find that some soles are really worn. Throw out the ones that you fear might break after one more use. It’s hard, I know.

Go to the Container Store!

Photo taken from fortune.com

Photo taken from fortune.com

If your closet isn’t properly organized, then you’re probably not utilizing all of the space you have. Go to the Container Store and get some funky looking bins and store your heavy sweaters in there. Sweaters can fold easy. Save space for your dresses and blouses to hang.