Oprah Winfrey Still Struggles With Self-Acceptance

Being in the spotlight has its benefits and downfalls. As accomplished and successful as Oprah Winfrey is being one of the most powerful African-American women in the world and one of the world’s only two black female billionaires in 2017; she certainly has gained some haters over the years--those being the people who often target the rollercoaster of Winfrey’s weight loss journey. 

While Winfrey has never shied away from sharing her life’s considerable low points, including the emotional effects of crash dieting and her other stabs at rapid weight loss over the years. It’s hard to imagine the queen of self-reliance and self-made glory struggling with self-esteem.

Photo taken from The Source 

Photo taken from The Source 

However, that’s exactly why Winfrey has been sharing the gritty details of her relationship with food and weight since the 1980s. She hopes to help those who’s fought with weight loss and normalize the conversation so that others can understand that it’s a topic everyone struggles with.

Winfrey hopes to inspire women to have confidence in themselves even though they may fumble with self-esteem a times.