Oh HELL NAHH! Alicia Silverstone Pays Ex-husband $12K A Month

Alicia Silverstone's divorce agreement makes her pay her ex-husband spousal support, with a little twist that gets her out of payments sooner than most couples.

Alicia and Chris Jarecki's divorce was finalized earlier this month. According to legal documents, she will be paying a huge $12,000 spousal support bill each month. The pair has also agreed to joint legal and physical custody of their 7-year-old son, Bear Blu.

Photo taken from Self.com

Photo taken from Self.com

The twist that might save her wallet? A "cohabitation" clause, which will end her payments to Chris if he hooks up with someone else for a total of 5 months within a 1 year period. In most cases, spousal support continues until the former spouse gets married. Sources are saying Alicia and Chris are "still close friends" after a 13 year marriage.

This is beyond crazy—a woman has to pay her ex-husband every month?!