Octavia Spencer Gives Low-Income Families A Chance To see 'Hidden Figures' In Theaters

Hidden Figures's Octavia Spencer deserves all the awards for her Instagram post this past Friday announcing her heartfelt contribution in preparation for Martin Luther King Jr. day. She bought out an entire showing of Hidden Figures and is offering each seat to a low-income families.

In her post, Spencer looked back onto her own childhood saying,

“My mom would not have been able to afford to take me and my siblings.”

In buying out the theater and offering a free showing, she is giving single mothers like her own a chance to take their children out for a night of fun.

It is not lost on us that she chose MLK day to do this for her community. Hidden Figures is one of the most influential movies to hit the screen in the past year. Focalizing on the contributions black women made to the NASA space program and the great strides they made in the civil rights movement, the children given the chance to see it will get the opportunity to see powerful women represented on the big screen and given the honor they deserve.

It is so important for children as well as adults, who may not feel like they have much power in this world, to have the chance to see that anyone under any circumstances, no matter how oppressive, can accomplish their dreams. At a time when America is filled with more hate and prejudice than ever, Octavia Spencer couldn’t have done something better or more thoughtful than this for her community to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

The showing Spencer purchased was at the Rave Baldwin Hills theater and she urged anyone who knew of a family in need to let them know. Hidden Figures made its way to the number one spot for the past two weekends at the box office. We are so glad this powerful movie is making such an impact and we can imagine Octavia Spencer is feeling the same.