Not Approved! Kendall Jenner The New Face Of Proactiv

Mama Jenner goes to twitter to boast about how proud she is of her daughter sharing her most “raw and vulnerable story.”

This came after her other post last Saturday, in which she teases us that her daughter will be sharing something that is powerful and will create a positive impact….Kendall Jenner is the official new face of Proactiv and Twitter was not happy about it.


The model tweets her “raw story” about her battle with acne and how Proactive changed her life for the better. The Twitter-sphere was not impressed. Okay, we all have struggled with acne and it a very relatable subject but Twitter felt that the reveal was unclimatic.

The reactions were unamused and critical. Oops!

Kendall hasn’t addressed the reactions but her campaign went viral. Twitter may not approve but hey at least she’s getting that cha-ching!