New Uber Rides For Teenagers, Drivers Will Now Make More Money!

Uber is introducing a new feature that could mean bigger earnings for its drivers. Where can we sign up!! 

Soon, all drivers with the popular ride-hailing service will be able to earn an additional $2 per ride when they pick up teenagers who book through a new “teen accounts” feature within the app.

Photo taken from MAshable

Photo taken from MAshable

Everyone wants to know how will the Uber’s New Teen Accounts Work?

Technically, Uber’s rules state riders must be at least 18 years old to use an Uber account. However, this new feature is linked to parents’ accounts through a “family profile.” Similar to the way you can share your ETA with friends, very clever Uber. 

After downloading the app, parents can go to “settings” and select the family profile option. Next an invitation to download the app and join the family profile can be sent to the teens (age 13-17), who will then be able to book and coordinate their own rides, super easy. Those rides will be billed using the payment method associated with the parents’ main account. 

Additionally, only experienced drivers with consistently high ratings will be eligible to pick up teens through this new program, which should give parents some peace of mind. 

Would you let you child sign up with this new uber account? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.