New Music From Keke Palmer #Pregame

Keke Palmer finally has some new music out and everyone seems to love it! The video is basically what every girl and her friends do before heading out to the club, pregame, duh. 

In the video you see the 24 year old in preparation mode as she and her girlfriends have a pre-game of their own before heading to a party. In addition to having a dance party of their own in the walk-in closet, they help assist with Keke's outfit for the night. Watch this diva show you how to get ready for a party in the video, below.

We love the hook:

Come take a shot just you and me/
Hold me close and don't get lost/
The musics loud the smokes a screen/
I promise you this will be fun/
Come take a shot just you and me/
Come take a shot with all of us/
Give me a night to set you free/
It won't be long till we're all gone/

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