Never Be Afraid To Speak Out

January 21, 2017, women around the world came together in a worldwide march for their equal rights. They are calling this march one of the biggest in history. 

There were many guest speakers at the march in Washington DC and director Michael Moore was one of them. He said some things that struck a cord with many people one being,

"Say yes to be willing to put yourself on the line. It is that simple. The next thing on your to-do list: You have to run for office. You, yes, you. I can see your faces, 'No, no, Mike, not me.' This is not the time for shy people." 
Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

As a woman, now more than ever is not the time to be afraid. Like Michael Moore said,

"now is not the time for shy people."

Many young females may feel scared to express how they feel regarding their own rights. The Women's March provided a safe space for women to get together and express their frustration with what is going on in our government and world in regards to women's rights. But the expression of what we believe and want for ourselves should not end on Saturday it needs to continue. 

There are many things that hold women back, but in some cases it can be ourselves. That inner voice that is telling you to stop, sit down, you're just a girl. That voice should have died on Saturday to be replaced with one that is loud telling you to not give up. 

Not many women who are feminists want to be called that because they way that the word has been scrutinized in the media. The definition of a feminist is a person who believes in equal rights for men and women. If you are feminists then don't be afraid to be one! No one should ever be scared to represent what he or she believes in. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing women from all different backgrounds coming together and voicing their opinions and taking action.