Neon Makeup Trend Not Safe For Eyes?

2019’s biggest makeup trend is being deemed unsafe, neon makeup. The FDA is now stating that neon makeup might be unsafe to use around your eyes. Which puts into question a lot of eyeshadow palettes that have come out with neon colors. This was brought to light in June when a makeup blogger reviewed Huda Beauty's Neon Obsessions Palette. The product contained a second warning label advising people not to use the product around the eyes.  b=Beauty news Instagram account Estee Laundry has now started drawing attention to the product among similar items from other brands, leading to the questioning of how cosmetics are labeled.

Photo taken from Insider

Photo taken from Insider

“One thing to take note of with these palettes is the fact they are named Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palette and NOT Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Eye Palette or Eye-Shadow Palette," Muse wrote on their blog.

"That's because [the palettes] contain pressed pigments that are not safe for eye use within the USA by the FDA." Muse also stated that the palette has what is called a duel label which can be very deceptive. "The first label shows the ingredients, and you have to actually lift up the sticker to see the 'not intended for the eye area' warning," Muse said on their blog.

"I think most people likely won't lift that second label up to see that warning and that sort of sucks."

Although Huda isn’t lying persay, they are being deceptive. Nobody would look at what would seem to be an eyeshadow palette and not see the word eyeshadow and assume ‘oh it’s not for the eyes.’ And although it isn’t called an eyeshadow palette, Huda is marketing it as a palette that can be used for eyeshadows. One of the models used for their advertising is shown wearing one of the palettes pigments as an eyeshadow. They also recently shared instructions on their website on how to use the product on the eyes, lips and cheeks. Those instructions have since been taken down and replaced by tips from the brand’s founder.

There are also a lot of beauty influencers using these products as eye-shadows in tutorials and even Sephora had them previously described as an -palette. Sephora has since then changed them from eye-shadows to pigments. While this is brought to light Huda isn’t the first to do something like this. Jeffrey Star and even Urban Decay have done similar things. Let’s just hope nothing bad happens to those who do use them as eye-shadows.