Natural Hair Pages You Should Follow On Instagram

The natural hair movement is a movement started to help people learn to love and embrace their natural hair. It is a movement that has grown immensely in the last few years. Many people who want to start their natural hair journey sometimes don’t know where to begin. But now with the help of YouTube and Instagram, there are many people you can follow to learn tips and tricks about going through your natural hair journey. I want to introduce you to three people who have helped me through my natural hair journey and who might be able to help you get through yours.


First, we have Kiara, she is an Afro-Latina from the Bronx who happens to be a curly hair enthusiast. Her instagram consists of pictures and videos of her trying and suggesting curly hair brands that most people might not know of. She not only shares about curly hair products, she also shares about beauty products such as skin care. The products she does try she gives honest reviews on which is incredibly helpful to those who are looking to try stuff but don’t want to spend their money without knowing how a product works.

Next, we have jvacurls, she is another curly hair enthusiast. Her instagram is a collection of different curly hair products that she uses. She not only shows products but tries to get others with curly hair to show how their routines differ and how certain things work for one person and not as well for another, because not all curly hair is the same. She also uses her platform to educate on curly hair and how to best take care of curly hair.

Lastly, we have lesliescurls, she is a NYC based curly enthusiast who uses her instagram to give product review, tips and tricks, but also to promote self love and care. She gives honest reviews on all products that she tries but also gives tips and tricks on how to maintain your curly mane.