Nail Trends You Should Try Out

One thing I have gotten into the habit of doing nowadays is doing my nails. Yes it's an expensive thing to maintain especially depending on what you are doing to your nails. I want to take the time to explore options from press on nails to going to a salon and getting manicure or acrylics. I personally have long nails and I do dip SNS powder, which is a colored powder that works like acrylic but without having to paint your nails. As a person whose nails are brittle and break easily this is the best solution I have come to. Getting SNS done at a nail salon can cost anywhere from $30-$75. But as someone whose nails don't grow fast this lasts me a whole month so it's not too bad. 

There are other choices though especially in a nail salon. You can get gel manicure with or without fake nails. This can last about a month as well and are just as pricing ranging anywhere between $35-$120. They also have UV nails which can cost up to $80. You can also stick to regular manicures which cost about $10-$20. With this you're probably thinking it would be easier to leave your nails alone or to get a kit and learn to do your own nails.

But there's a new thing I've seen around social media where people are selling made up press-on nails that have your nails looking like you just stepped out of a nail salon. Yes, I know they were a fad way back when but they are back in style and are better than they were before. You can get them at drug stores and also have some custom made. They range in prices of $6-$80.