Movies That Will Make You Cry

Sometimes, we all just need a good cry. I mean, I need a good cry every other day but for those of you, emotionally healthy people, here is a great collection of movies that bring me to tears every damn time.

Shakespeare in Love

This is probably one of my favorite romance movies ever. It’s about how Shakespeare meets this aristocrat, Viola, and she loves his work and dresses up as a boy to act in Shakespeare’s newest work, “Romeo and Juliet” and they fall in love! And people try to keep them a part. It’s such a ride. And so beautiful.

A Dog’s Purpose

Oh my gosh, I just saw this one and it KILLED ME. Like I was weeping. I was sobbing. I cried so much it was like a breakup cry. That’s how heavy it was. But there’s this dog and he is reincarnated as a different dog every time he dies. But when he dies it isn’t sad. But after a bunch of lives, he finally finds his first owner. Oh my gosh, it was SUCH a tearjerker.

When Harry Met Sally

I don’t know there’s something about this movie that’s just so damn relatable to me. I’m the type of girl who always falls for her friends so when the two best friends fall in love and sex screws it up, it just hits so close to home for me. But it definitely ends in a happy cry, I promise!

P.S. I Love You

Gerard Butler at his finest. He dies of cancer really early on in the movie but leaves his wife, Holly, a series of letters that take het down memory lane and to Ireland. And he always ends them with “P.S. I Love You”. It’s such an incredibly romantic movie. And the aesthetic of it is so beautiful.


And of course, good old, Titanic. This is just the ultimate emotional saga. Jack and Rose. There are so many obstacles! This movie is littered with triggers to make you cry. You find something to cry about every half hour and this is like a four and a half hour movie isn’t it? This is a romance for the ages. Jack and Rose are all of us.

What are some of your favorite movies to cry to? Actually let me know. Happy crying! <3