Miyako Bellizzi And Yumi Are The Cutest Mother & Daughter Fashion Duo

Brooklyn-based designer Miyako Bellizzi has a style that certainly stands out. She reps her Oakland California roots with her tomboy clash of patterns and baggy pants in checkerboard or camo prints. To top it all off she drives a red ’84 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. There is no denying Bellizzi has a unique aesthetic, but she is not alone in her style choices. Bellizzi and her mother are doing some serious twinning that we are here for.

Bellizzi and her mother, Yumi, both have the same West Coast rock star street style. In an interview with Vogue Bellizzi said,

“My mom and I always had a similar style. It’s getting to the point where we look exactly the same now. But it makes sense. We shop together, we like black and white and weird ’80s stuff.”
Photo taken from Vogue

Photo taken from Vogue

Bellizzi is fourth generation Japanese, who learned a lot about culture and fashion from her mother. She said this about her culture in regards to fashion,  

“With Japanese culture and style, it is a prideful thing. You’re always supposed to look presentable. You have to represent your family.” 

Bellizzi talked about wearing a lot of her mother's clothes as a kid and being made fun of at school for her style. Being as tall and skinny as her she always had to wear boys clothes.  Bellizzi and her mother have definitely reached a new level of mother and daughter goals that we hope we can achieve with our mothers and future daughters. 

Keep up with Bellizzi on her website, www.miyako-bellizzi.com and her on Instagram page miyakobellizzi.