Missy Elliot Is Here To Inspire You With A New Song Called 'I'm Better'

Rap legend, Missy Elliot, is planning a comeback that HipHop fans have been waiting for. Just last week she released a new song called 'I'm Better' featuring fellow rapper Lamb. Not only is this song a club banger, but it also has an inspiring message. This song is a tribute to self-belief and taking life one day at a time no matter how tough things are. Missy Elliot is no stranger to dealing with tough time, having been diagnosed with Graves disease a few years ago and anxiety disorder. This is the perfect anthem to jam to every morning to start off your day.


Throughout the song Missy Elliott lets you know she's fire and that you are fire as well.  Lamb raps the hook of the song saying,

"I'mma start it from the bottom
Show you how to flip a dollar
I got food in my dining room
I'm better, I'm better, I'm better
It's another day, another chance
I wake up, I wanna dance
So as long as I got my friends...
I'm better, I'm better, I'm better"


The reiteration of Lamb's hook reminds you that even when things seem dark, as long as you've got the basics covered and you believe in yourself, you'll be on top. And that seems like the message we all could use on a Monday morning.

Missy has always marched to the beat of her own drum with her creative videos and style. Her individual style and  music should be something to inspire people for years to come. 

Check out her Music video for 'I'm Better' below.