Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Well folks, the time is here. If you’re like me, you’ve already overslept for an appointment, left your phone charger plugged in at work, had a nonsensical argument with your best friend and lost that $20 bill you could’ve sworn was in your wallet. 

That’s right, Mercury’s in retrograde baby.

And aside from a time where astrology memes on instagram really shine, it’s a time that brings about lots of confusion and general upheaval. After entering its shadow period on July 7th, Mercury officially goes retrograde on July 26th. As the planet of communication, it’s a time when interpersonal relationships can face some difficulties, as well as issues with problem solving and some real technological mishaps.


As a Leo baby, I’m especially peeved that this retrograde will span the entirety of the Leo season, so I’ve put together a quick little checklist of things to keep in mind and some easy practices to help you get through Mercury Retrograde.

1. Don’t sign any contracts or lock yourself into any long term arrangements. 


While things like doctor’s appointments, leases, and other aspects of life are unavoidable, some of the biggest advice I’ve learned from mercury retrograding is not to to sign contracts. Our minds often aren’t the sharpest at these times, and we can tend to overlook important stipulations and terms that’ll bite us in the ass later on.

2. Make room for technological mulligans. 

Being that we’re in the most technologically connected time in history, it’s no wonder that communication breaks down along with our phones, computers, social media, etc. It seems to be virtually unavoidable, so be as clear and accommodating as you possibly can in communicating with people. This also means using a real alarm clock- you know, instead of waking up in a panic when your phone alarm doesn’t go off because it’s mysteriously died during the night. Yikes.

3. Don’t be careless at work.


Whether you’re a writer, baker, or candlestick maker, there are always mistakes to be made. While you may have luck on your side at times when you’ve procrastinated and handed something to your boss in the nick of time, now is NOT the time to press that luck. Double and triple check your work before sending it out, make sure the right people are CC’ed on that e-mail and for the love of god, if people start shit talking a coworker in the group text, don’t engage. You’ll thank me later!

4. Be sensitive.

Blurred communication often leads to hurt feelings, petty fights, and dredged up emotions. Remember that we’re all going through it, so for what it’s worth, be patient with each other! If you feel like you need to confront someone, try meditating on it, or journalling. Often, perspective like this will help you realize that making mountains out of molehills doesn’t help anyone. Communication during this time may be harder, but it’s not impossible.

Of course, these are very basic rules for mercury retrograde - the fact that it’s occurring in Leo season introduces lots of other factors as well. Each season is different, so my hope for you is that you navigate this tricky time with grace and openness (and even in the worst of times, remember that it’s only for three weeks).

Good luck!