Men Have X-Box And Women Have Ex-Box

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian West spoke of an “Ex-Box”. An Ex-Box, unlike the close sounding video game is not a new video game system to help you become more antisocial, it is a box of memorabilia from past relationships. An Ex-Box can contain items such as jewelry, movie ticket stubs, birthday cards, concert tickets, and even clothing from all your exes, or at least the most impactful ones.

I, myself have always kept an Ex-Box, and have also encouraged others to make one as well. I think it’s imperative to keep some memorabilia from people whom you have shared love with. These exes have helped shape you into the person you are today and you’re probably a better person because of it. The Ex-Box supplies you with self-reflection of not only how much you have grown into yourself, but also what you truly want in a next partner. I recently went through my own Ex-Box while organizing my bedroom closet, and realized that the box is a nutshell of my love life from the last 10 years. As I began to read old love letters from ex boyfriends, I felt a plethora of emotions from laughter to frustration. Remembering how young and stupid in love I was made me actually chuckle at what I use to tolerate from others.

While self-reflecting I came to realize that I allowed others to mistreat, disrespect all because I didn’t know my own worth. I felt frustrated that I not only didn’t know my worth at the time but that sadly I didn’t listen to my gut in the midst of these relationships. It’s fun to relive some of those memories and to see how far you have come, but it’s even better to seal the box with its fond memories and move forward with the lessons learned.