Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Body Language Says A Lot During The Royal Christmas Service

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton squashed feud rumors by walking side-by-side during the royal family's annual Christmas church trip—but body language expert Judi James says there was way more going on than meets the eye.

"It reminds me of political body language. The kind of thing politicians do when they're walking with other heads of state and want to show some signs of rapport or unity," James said. "They're walking in step, and there's enough mirroring to suggest like mindedness too. Kate has her left hand raised at the same time as Meghan—they're both gesticulating in an over-congruent way to show they're having a conversation. It looks performed, they're possibly trying a bit too hard."

Judi also she says Kate's face gave suppressed tension away, normally Kate wears a classic “perfect smile," she explained. "Here, she looks slightly amused by what's happening. It looks like they're almost sharing a joke that they've got to perform this friendship routine.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Photo taken from Pinterest

In the Twitter video, below, taken by @androyalty, we see Meghan lean towards Kate as they chat and gently touch her on the back as they go through the gates to Sandringham estate. These ladies seems to be in good spirits.