Makeup Myth: There's A Certain Way To Wear Makeup

When people start experimenting with makeup they get bombarded with all these “rules” to makeup. Like how nobody can pull off blue eyeshadow. Or how certain colors look better on certain skin tones. While yes certain colors can look better depending on your undertone, that shouldn't stop you from going crazy with makeup. You should be able to go out wearing green and purple makeup if it pleases you. Or maybe you're one of those people who feel you need to learn how to draw your eyebrows perfectly… let me tell you something it's been years and even I haven't perfected it.

I feel that especially when you are just starting out, I feel it's okay to experiment with different colors and different styles. I personally go more for warmer tones colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, etc. But I do like to experiment with color. I mean I went through a whole emo phase where all I wore was black eyeliner and red eyeshadow.

Makeup is an art. It's a form of expression. It should show off the emotion you want to express on that day. That is why I feel with colored mascaras becoming a new trend and using colored eyeliner as well that it's the best time to go out there and start trying new things and doing your makeup in any way that makes you feel good.

Makeup is something you choose to do for yourself and not for others and not a lot of people seem to realize this. So go out there and put on that blue eyeshadow, wear that green lipstick. Do what you feel you want to express on any given day. Never let anyone mute you, or diminish that creative spark in you. And if you feel it's too late to change your ways or are even scared to do so, that's also okay but that would be the best time to try.