Lyn Slater The Fashion Influencer You Need To Know

Lyn Slater, 63 years old, proves that style doesn't end with youth. This fashion blogger will slay your life with her unique and classy style. Her short hair that she often wears as a Mohawk, this fashionista is not afraid to push the limits of fashion. Don't call her a blogger; Slater prefers to be called an influencer. 

After being mistaken for a celebrity by paparazzi Slater decided to name her blog accidental icon. She says about the experience,

“All of a sudden I was surrounded by fashion photographers taking my picture, thinking I was some fashion person,” she told HuffingtonPost. “It was really all very accidental.”
Photo taken from Instyle magazine

Photo taken from Instyle magazine

Follow Slater and you will be all caught up on street style, emerging designers, and her 'weekend fashion bibliographies' which keeps readers up to date on the fashion industry. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of her looking famous around New York City, giving us different fashion looks that we can only dream of emulating. Slater started her blog for women who have a particular style, she states on her website,

"I started Accidental Icon because I was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities."

Slater has been slaying the fashion game longer then most fashion bloggers have been alive. Follow her on Instagram iconaccidental and her website to get your daily dose of fashion from a real trendsetting.