Little Poems For Each Zodiac Sign

Hello ladies, need a little inspiration to get you through your week? Find your sign and read a poem. A little, digestible bite of poetry written by me based on your sign. Treat yourself to an artistic insight into the zodiac. I hope it fills you. xoxo 


No one needs to light you up 

You already have a pack of matches 

You decide when 

You’re on fire 


Don’t change my mind

But I’m secretly daring you to try 

Can’t you see the twinkle of fight in my eyes?

You like that, don’t you? 


You move like the wind that you are

And enchant those around you 

The Princess and Frog 

The love and the fight 

And everything meant to be in between 

You’re all the compromises the world needs 


My tears were never meant to be a sign of weakness

The only sadness is that you think that. 

Move along;

You’re not for me.  


Puffing up feathers 

Or teasing in a low cut shirt 

You wantthe attention

You needthe love 

And, boy, do you pay your debts 

You are a promise, always paid in full  


You will give until it’s gone,

Until you’re gone 

Fix the place settings until they’re perfect 

Remember: you can only control the table, never the guests. 

Cook food that feeds yoursoul. 


Your mind preaches justice 

But your eye always wonders to something shiny

It’s not as easy as it looks, 

To be this good. 


Seeking knowledge 

Like digging through library books 

Before we knew how to use the catalogue, 

When we still used the catalogue 

Basically just searching for our perfect match 

It’s not perfectionism when you’re this smart;

It’s necessary. 


I’ll love more than I’ll ever let on 

I have the love of the world 

In the palm of my hands 

And maybe if you’re lucky 

You’ll see where I hide my love for you. 


Dream hard and work harder 

I walk a fine line between in control and out of it 

It’s all part of a process 

I have an end game that will blow your mind 


The world needs more than me 

But it seems like I’m all it has

I’ll give myself reluctantly 

In ways you will never see 

I won’t give you the satisfaction. 


Sit with me and tell me about your childhood 

Listening with an open heart is my specialty 

I break more often than not 

But trust me, I’m strong enough to handle anything.