Lindsay Lohan is Back! With A New Reality TV Series 'The Anti-Social Network'

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You haven’t seen the last of her and she is certainly making sure of that! Lindsay Lohan just recently announced that after three years of avoiding the television and movie spotlight, the star is coming back in strong with a new reality show entitled 'The Anti-Social Network'. Lohan will be secretly controlling unknowing participants social media on the new show.

"I love social media. I am social media. Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around—especially near me. I decided I'm going to hijack your social media—your Instagram, your Snapchat, your Facebook, your Twitter—all of it for 24 hours."

While the victim has no control over what Lohan chooses to do with that access, they will have the opportunity to win prizes after being tasked with three challenges. The idea is currently being shopped around multiple networks and if it ends up going through to production, it will be Lohan’s return to the small screen since her docuseries aired on OWN Network back in 2014. The star has been noticeably absent from the spotlight in the past couple of years due to living abroad. The star also famously campaigned to portray Ariel in the live action remake of The Little Mermaid. We can’t wait to tune in and see all the beefy drama unfold on the telly! Also, Lohan went on to say something that we’ve all been dying to hear;

 "I'm back, bitches."

Break out the popcorn friends!