Learn More About Quinoa And It's Healthy Benefits

Okay so we all heard of eating whole grains for maintaining your weight and weight loss. Popular whole grains include, 100% whole grain bread, brown rice, rolled oats, and oatmeal. But have you heard of Quinoa? Quinoa is a trending health food that is very popular within dieters and people who are gluten-free.

Quinoa is a plant based protein that tastes like rice. It is loaded with fiber, protein, and vitamins. Fiber is important because it keeps us full and less likely to snack later. Quinoa can have about 17-20 grams in just one cup! This of course varies based on your portion size. This plant based food also is a complete protein! If your not craving some grilled chicken or fish, spice up your protein intake with some Quinoa. This is very beneficial for vegan eaters, or vegetarians. This super food contains all the essential amino acids we need to feel our body.

Photo taken from ecoosfera.com

Photo taken from ecoosfera.com

This protein choice is also sprouted. Sprouted grains are loaded with antioxidants for your body inside. Some vitamins include magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. If your iron deficient, some quinoa might be able to help.

Now who's ready for lunch? Are your including this “superfood” today?  “How can I incorporate quinoa in my meals?”

Quinoa Is super tasty and goes with really anything!  Quinoa can also add some fun color to your dish! Colors include red, white , and a dark brownish black. Add some quinoa to your salad. You can also replace your pasta and meatball dish with quinoa. Yes quinoa may be high in carbs, but has more health benefits then your typical white penne. This is a good side choice replacing some white rice, or a potato! Quinoa is super easy to get, sold in mostly every food mart! Quinoa is sold frozen and uncooked. Next time your at the food mart throw in a bag of quinoa, your family will thank you later.