Lana Del Rey's New Single Gets Leaked

A weeks ago, people began to notice some strange posters plastering the walls around LA with Lana Del Rey’s face on them, eerily hovering over a single word, “Love”. Shortly after the movie-esc posters hit the scene, Lana’s new single was leaked online. Rather than trying to combat the earlier than expected release of the new single, Lana’s label rush-released the song to iTunes and other streaming platforms.

Photo taken from Instagram

Photo taken from Instagram

Since its release, fans have been going wild in anticipation of Del Rey’s upcoming untitled fifth album that is set to drop later in 2017. To tide them over, the space inspired pop star let loose the music video for “Love” and it is just as beautifully retro and out there as she is.

Following to the song’s release, Lana took to an Instagram live feed video, showing that she was completely unphased by the leaked song and was anxious to share the music video that features so many of her pals. Gushing about her producer she said,

“I just love everything Rich did with making the space scenes look so real but so surreal at the same time.”

Lana Del Rey, who is known for her hippie sound, brought it to this new song and did not disappoint. In the Twilight Zone-y video, Lana sings her song in a swirling space atmosphere while she is clad in an outfit straight out of the flower power sixties. The song is now available and we cannot wait to see what the rest of this album has in store.