Ladies Work On Your Fitness With These Gym Alternatives

Staring your weight loss journey can be a daunting task. If you’re like me you have no clue where to even start, should I start with meal prepping? or with a moderate beginner workout routine? Like many people this wasn’t an easy process and long overdue. My goal was not only for vain purposes like looking better in my selfies for Instagram but also about be able to use my body. I wanted to be able to move with my body in ways that I had never have and really put it to the test.

There was only on problem with my goal of testing the physicality of my body, I hate the gym. The gym has always been a very intimidating place for me, from the regulars who show off (maybe not purposely) their dedication and consistency at the gym, to the spin cycle crew who walk to the bathroom in their bike cleats. I’ve never felt comfortable at the gym and just simply like I did not belong. And so, began my research for gym alternatives, and in today’s society working out at the gym is so passé. With weight loss apps that assist with everything from counting calories for you to workout routines you can even do at your desk at work, paying for a gym membership is simply unnecessary to lose weight.

While watching a Breakfast Club interview with entertainment superstar Teyana Taylor she revealed that she too was intimidated by attending the gym. Although Teyana’s body is naturally sculpted like a Greek Goddess, she enjoys working out at home, and surprisingly dancing is her go to work out. I mean have you seen her in Kanye West’ “Fade” music video, she’s got moves and her body will make you never want to step in front of mirror again. She later introduced her fitness program ‘Fade 2 Fit”, which is a 90-day course filled with quick 30-minute workout routines, dance lessons and meal plan for under $20 a month. The 30-minute workouts can be done right in your own living with no or little gym equipment (i.e. light dumbbells), and the dance routine are relatively easy to follow for the average dancer. She also makes sure all her dance moves target specific areas she’s been notably famous for such as her toned abs and booty and cut arms. If your pressed for time and need some spice in your usual workout routine, Fade2Fit is definitely a great alternative to going to your local gym. Here is also a list of fitness apps you can download and explore from your own living room:

·         Workout for Women: Fitness App

·         Fitness App: Workout for Women

·         30  Day Fitness Challenge

·         Workout NOW 2019

·         GetFit: Home Fitness and Workout

·         BetterMe: Yoga for Weighloss

·         Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

·         Sworkit Workouts and Plans