Ladies, Do You Vajacial?

Let’s start off with what is a vajacial? Well, at it’s simplest definition, it is a facial for your lady. The vajacial treats in-grown hairs, remove dead skin cells and smooth bumps around the bikini line. It also prevents acne and helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin. This treatment includes a scrub, in-grown hair removal and a mask. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Some people cringe at the idea of having a stranger get all up in their private area. The treatment is an intimate and personal experience. However, there are many friendly estheticians trained to make sure you feel comfortable and the processes run smoothly.

You start by being wiped clean with an antibacterial toilette. Then, your esthetician will use a gentle yet powerful scrub around the area of your pubic bone, vagina, and vulva. This helps remove dead skin and soften ingrown hairs. After the scrub has been removed with a warm toilette, your esthetician will begin to look for ingrown hairs and remove them with tweezers and a lancet.

Next is the mask to help soothe and hydrate. Some estheticians like to use a high-frequency wand that helps the product to penetrate and treat deep in-grown. Another warm towel removes the mask, and the final step is a soothing moisturizer. Once you’re all finish make sure to take notes of the maintenance tips and any day-to-day routines you should follow.