Kylie Jenner Launches Pop-Up Shop In New York City

Kylie Jenner arrived at the grand opening of her pop-up shop with pink hair and a positive attitude as she took pictures with her biggest fans. Wearing a beige Yeezy Season 3 dress worth $1076 and a fur coat Jenner arrived at her second pop-up shop in style.

The launch of the lip-kit queen’s pop-up shop was anything less than mayhem. Jenner opened up her pop-up shop on February 13th on 27 Mercer St. in New York City. Fans waited outside for as long as three days just to get their hands on some of Jenner's cosmetics. The police had to block off all of Mercer Street and from the looks of it more people showed up to buy her lip-kits then the recent presidential inauguration.

In the pop-up shop you could find limited-edition items such as her Valentine's Day collection, birthday collection and her collaboration with her sister Khloe plus more. There was a wall dedicated to lip kits, around 5,500 of them and a bed in the middle of everything. On top of featuring all of Jenner’s cosmetics bestsellers, the shop also carries limited quantities of her limited edition collections.

She even had a photo booth which the fans enjoyed. Kylie herself took two pictures while in the store. 

Photo taken from Capital FM

Photo taken from Capital FM

If you weren't ready to stand outside for days to buy lipstick, but still want a peace of Jenner’s products you can buy King Kylie’s merch at