Khloe No Longer Blames Jordyn For Cheating Scandal With Tristan

Khloe Kardashian confesses that it is Tristan Thompson’s fault that they are broken up, not Jordyn Woods fault. When the allegations began to spread that Tristan was having an affair with Jordyn, Khloe was heart broken.

After Jordyn appears on the Red Table Talk, Khloe took things to Twitter where she says, "You are the reason my family broke up!" It was hard for Khloe to accept that someone that she thought of as a little sister could betray her in such a way. Khloe also calls Jordyn out for going on the show to air things out instead of trying to talk things out privately.  

After a good nights rest, Khloe rationalizes that Jordyn was not the one to blame. She says this has all just been very hard for her, she cannot believe that someone really cared about could hurt her this deeply. Talk about being blindsided. Regardless, Khloe knows the break up of her family is not Jordyn's fault. The first time Tristan cheated it was a shock but now he is the face of the old saying, "Once a cheater, always a cheater!"