Kehlani Drops A New R&B Hip-Hop Track With Aminé Called, "Heebiejeebies"

Rapper Aminé teamed up with Kehlani for a soulful love song entitled “Heebiejeebies.” This song was produced by Jahaan Sweet. The lyrics are so smooth and magical, why didn't these two hop on a track sooner? These two West coast artists definitely need to make more music together. Check out a few of the lyrics below.

“I got the baddest bitch/Shorty keep hollerin’ at me/Told her I’m a young OG from the west/And I’m repping up the 503,” Aminé half-sings in his first few lines of the first verse. Kehlani continues right after.
“I ain’t no average bitch/Baby come swing my way/Imma put you on this game
Get it all gas no breaks,” she sings from the middle to the end of the first verse.

If you listen to thesong you will notice the two artists going back and forth. This duet will make any female blush, #SuperCute

Listen to the duo below.