Keeping Those Resolutions Alive

We all have our resolutions in mind as we enter 2018. In my opinion, resolutions are just vague blueprints of what we would like to achieve or work on in the New Year. So I always keep mine pretty broad. You can say that you resolve to eat healthy. But keep in mind there are so many ways you can eat healthy. You never know what is going to work for you. It could be cutting carbs or just eating a balanced dinner everyday. Or even committing to eating three meals every day. (Because I know we all are guilty of using coffee as a meal substitute!) We shouldn’t map out a specific plan of how we will execute our resolution.

We should be open to the possibility of how our resolution could impact us. Now, I know losing weight is a big one, especially after Christmas. But if we say that our resolution is going to the gym every day – you know that’s going to fail. Because life inevitably happens. Don’t make these specific promises to yourself with no room for mistakes. We’re going to make mistakes and we’re going to make bad decisions this year. We always do. Leave room for experience in your resolutions.

Photo taken from Pinterest 

Photo taken from Pinterest 

My resolution this year was very all encompassing. I resolve to learn more and put what I learn into action. So I’m working on learning and acting. And as you can imagine, that’s pretty broad and gives me a lot of room. I am putting in the extra effort to learn about things I know don’t know enough about.

That leaves me with learning more about our political climate on days when twitter seems overwhelming. And it also leaves me finding comfort in reading a book about the LES poetry scene in the 1960s when I’m looking for inspiration. And then I intend to use the information to act. Send someone my favorite poem or call my representative. It allows me a lot of room to develop various aspects of my life, not just one specific aspect.

And when you grant yourself wiggle room and alleviate the pressure, that’s when you truly allow yourself to succeed, create some good work, and improve. So now’s the time, we’re only a few days in. Fine-tune your resolution if you have to. Take out your planner or journal and make moves. Brainstorm ideas of how to incorporate your resolution into your life.

Good luck and good vibes!